Babysitting Service

Fee schedule (tax included)

Non-member Member
Admission fee - ¥33,000
Annual Fee - ¥11,000
Basic charge
¥3,300/hour ¥2,750/hour
non-basic charge +¥550/hour +¥550/hour
One extra child +¥1,100/hour +¥1,100/hour
2.Prenatal and postnatal care service
Non-member Member
Basic charge
¥3,850/hour ¥3,300/hour
※Additional cost will be charged in the same way as Babysitting service.
3.Housekeeping service
Admission fee ¥11,000
Annual Fee ¥11,000
Basic charge
More than 4 times use per month
¥3,300 / hour
non-basic charge +¥550 / hour
※After becoming our member, you may use our babysitter service and prenatal and postnatal service at the regular member price.

Admission procedure

Please call us. We send the designated documents and please return them after completing necessary information.

If you use our service as a visitor, you don’t need to fill out the application. You can book by phone.

Our rules

■ Minimum service duration-3 hours. Service can be extended every 30 minutes.
■ We receive your requests Mon- Fri 9AM-5PM(Sat,Sun and holidays closed)
■ We can not make an arrangement at short notice.
■ When you cut down the appointment time on the day, we will charge you for the time that you requested firstly.
■ We’ll send you a bill for the all costs and expense relating to our services at the beginning of the following month.
■ Please pay for transportation fee and administrative fee

Cancellation Policy

■ Cancellation fee is free until 5 pm on business day before reservation date. (Please contact us within reservation reception time)
For example, suppose you want to cancel the scheduled time on Monday.
Cancellation is free until 5 pm on Friday of the previous week.
■ Cancellation after the above hours: All charges will be charged.
■ Cancellation fee will be charged for changing or shortening the reservation time.

Booking and inquiries


Tokyo Office
5F, TRC head-office building, 3-1-1 Ootsuka, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 112-0012
TEL: 03-6912-0015  FAX:03-6912-2077
Booking time 9AM-5PM Mon-Fri(Sat,Sun, holidays, New Year’s holidays,
summer holiday closed)

FAQ list

Asuka service

What are Asuka babysitters like? Asuka selects women based on their kindness , punctuality , and child raising experience.
Asuka has regular training programs to brush up them.
We provide the babysitter that meets your needs and educational policy.
When an accident happens,how do you respond to the accident? Our staff baby-sits with utmost attention, and for that reason, the chance of an accident is very small.
However, in case of an accident, we take out a property insurance and a personal insurance.
Who prepares a meal for a sitter when she works for a long time? You don’t need to prepare a meal for a sitter. A sitter brings a light meal for herself.
Can I ask you to arrange a babysitter on the day? We try to provide a babysitter.
Unfortunately, however, we cannot make an arrangement in some cases. Please be forewarned.

Babysitter service

Can the babysitter take care of sick children? We try to meet your needs as much as possible.
However , in some cases , we can’t take care of sickchildren.
This is at the discretioin of Asuka coordinators. Please consult with them.
Can you take care of children outside my home? We provide a sitter at the safe place you want.
For examples, a sitter can baby-sit at the accommodation you stay, go for a walk with your child, have a meal with your child and so on.
We would appreciate it if you prepare a baby stroller and toys that your child likes.
Can the sitter go for a walk with the child? We provide a care service that meets your needs.
Please consult with us about your needs and educational policy.
Can the babysitter prepare a meal? A babysitter can warm up a prepared meal in a microwave.
Preparing meals is not placed into the job of a babysitter.
Please consult us separately.

Prenatal and postnatal care / Housekeeping service

What is the prenatal and postnatal care service? This care service is mainly designed to help expectant mothers or post partum mothers. We consult with the client in advance and decide which service is good for the client.
We care a newborn baby ( bathing a newborn baby aged birth to 2 months ) and do the housework. ( cleaning, washing, and shopping ) And more, we consult with clients about child rearing.
When a sitter does the housework, we may ask you to stay home.
For your child safety, a sitter cannot baby-sit and do the housework at the same time. Please understand it.
What is the difference between prenatal and postnatal care service and housekeeping? We recommend prenatal and postnatal care service if you need both childcare and daily housekeeping.
We recommend our housekeeping service if you need a domestic helper that helps you to do the housework.
When you use the housekeeping service, you don’t need to be at home.
If you are out, we consult with you about the way in which key is exchanged and the place the key is kept in advance.
What do we need to prepare in advance? You don’t need to prepare anything.
We use your cleaning things, cooking utensils and detergents.
※The number of the clients who ask a sitter has been rising. Because the parents of the clients have jobs or live far away.
Some companies subsidize babysitting services.
Please don’t hesitate to call for information.